Baby Monster debut date. Member’s profile and age


YG Entertainment’s Baby Monster debut day

Baby Monster, who has been practicing at YG Entertainment for seven years, has confirmed its debut date on Nov. 27, 2023.


Baby Monster, who is considered a newcomer with similar star performance and skills to BLACKPINK, is the most anticipated idol of 2023 who is in the spotlight of various media even though he has not yet debuted.

Baby Monster Latest News Summary

  1. Baby Monster is YG Entertainment’s new girl group, debuting as a six-member group. Ahyun, who was in the debut group, was removed from the list for personal reasons.
  2. Baby Monster, a new girl group released by YG Entertainment in seven years, has attracted the attention of global fans with its star performance and skills similar to those of Black Pink.
  3. Baby Monster is a seven-member group of members from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, and the members have various capabilities.
  4. Similar to BLACKPINK, it is attracting attention as an “all-rounder” group with evenly vocal, dance, rap, and visuals.
  5. It has received high attention even before its official debut, with more than 1.42 million subscribers to the YouTube channel, and the members’ performance videos are gaining popularity, exceeding 10 million views.
  6. Baby Monster is attracting expectations even before its debut by showcasing various charms through “Last Evaluation” reality content.